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From lathe machine workshop to online job

I've always lived a regular life like any regular guy you see on the street.

I woke up every morning, said a prayer, had a bath, had breakfast and rushed to work, like every other person. I worked in a workshop where my responsibility was to man a lathe machine.

I really loved my job even though it meant standing eight long hours every day.

I approached everyday with enthusiasm and with utmost dedication.

But something happened about a year ago, I started feeling pains and swelling on my feet and lower back.

At first I thought it was nothing so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

But with each passing day the pain grew worse until I couldn’t bear it anymore.

I decided to see a doctor. Upon looking at the swelling and listening to me describe the pain, the doctor asked what the nature of my job was.

He wasn’t surprised when I told him.

He said I had rheumatism and that I had to choose between my health and my job.

He said my body could no longer support standing for that long.

I was devastated. I could feel my world crumbling down.

Operating the lathe machine was all I ever did. I had no other skills.

How was I to provide for my needs if I quit my job? In the end I had no choice but to quit.

I was back on the street and life continued.

I went from door to door searching for any job that would not require standing for too long or engaging in too strenuous activities.

“We’ll be in touch” was all I got from all the places I walked into.

They never got back to me.

I lost every faith in getting a job.

Who would hire one without basic skills, a higher education, and suffering from a disease?

In my despair, I turned to the web, hoping to find anything that would be helpful, not that I had much faith in this either.

Luckily, I stumbled on an article that detailed how thousands of people around the world are making consistent income from completing basic tasks online.

Interesting! I hadn’t realized that people could make money online I thought the internet was a mere home for storing information.

It took me a few days of distilling and processing the information before I learnt about freelancing websites.

But the one that appealed most to me was Fiverr.

With the money I had saved, I quickly purchased a used laptop from a friend, got internet and read more about the opportunities online.

When I felt confident, I set up an account and because I didn’t have skills, decided to offer basic services such as YouTube views, comments, channel subscription, etc. for a start.

The most beautiful thing about the internet and working on the internet is that you can learn whatever you want as long as you want to.

I picked interest in creating websites, so I downloaded and watched videos on creating websites.

The videos were not necessarily very simple to understand but I was persistent.

It took me a while before I was able to grab the basic concepts.

Then I created a second gig on building websites using content management systems such as WordPress.

My first gig hadn’t attracted any sale yet.

Again, it took a long time of waiting and looking everywhere for a way to improve my gig and get buyers to be interested in my offering before I finally got an order.

It was for a simple modification on the client’s site - a relatively easy job I would say.

I was overjoyed. I took my time to do a neat job, went over the completed task a number of times before finally uploading.

The client was happy with my job; I earned $5 and a 5-star feedback.

That marked the beginning of my walk to freedom.

I went after more tutorials and kept improving my skills and learning new things on website design.

Soon I got another order to build a website from scratch. It was time to put everything I’d leant into practice.

I was a bit nervous, but because I was determined and thanks to the videos that I referred every time I was stuck, I was able to pull off something spectacular.

I earned $70 for this task and a 5-star.

You can’t imagine how happy I was. $70 without having to stand for hours, without having to wake up early and rush out of my house.

Wow! I kept learning.

Once I got and completed 10 orders, it become a little easier for me to get more orders.

I gave my best and made sure every client was 100% satisfied.

Great reviews and recommendations kept pouring in.

I had trouble with a few clients though but we were able to resolve the issues and reach a mutual agreement.

Now I make around $550 and $700 every month from the comfort of my home - much more than I made from my previous job.

Freelancing and the internet have literally changed my life.

I am free to work anytime and anywhere.

I learn every day.

I’m closer to my family and friends.

I can afford medication for my rheumatism.

What more can a boy who once had no skills, no higher education, and a failing health ask for?

From making stipends on streets to earning as freelancer

My name is Andre and I’m a student. I live in North London, UK.

Today, I’m happy to say that I make a full time income working online.

Before now, I took up several menial jobs to complement my pocket money.

The money seemed to be the only good thing about the jobs I handled.

There wasn’t anything inspiring about the jobs.

But things changed for me when one day I was surfing the net in the school library and I stumbled on an article written on how to make money online by offering services on sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

The problem then was what service to offer.

I had some ideas and some skills which I felt would be useful on any of the sites.

I could write and I had some knowledge about graphic design.

I felt I had more chances with offering writing services so I settled for writing articles, blog posts, short stories and ebooks.

I decided to offer my services on Freelancer, so I signed up, built my profile and started bidding for jobs.

Getting a job wasn’t easy because I was basically bidding for the same job with the top rated sellers.

After a while, I decided to try the low-budget jobs where I wouldn’t have too many of the top rated sellers to contend with.

Soon I landed an offer to write a short erotic story.

I followed the buyer’s instruction strictly and gave myself to writing a perfect, believable story.

I was awake most part of the night writing this story.

I finished some hours after midnight, read over and polished it before finally delivering the work to the buyer.

As expected, the buyer was pleased.

She released my payment for $10.

$10 was enough for me to believe that making money online worked.

I was really excited.

I moved on to other freelancing sites in a bid to finding more buyers.

I did find some, but not as many as I get on Freelancer.

The least I have made from freelancing has been $200, and that was from my first month.

I have since expanded my offering.

I now make Android apps for clients by simply using

All I do is submit a client’s URL to and get back an apk format.

I also make marketing animation videos through the use of VideoFX maker and Video Scribe.

These resources make my work much easier and improve my earnings month after month.

I’m not stopping at these.

I’m currently learning programming and other new skills from Udemy, Codecademy and Udacity.

Very soon I will have more services to offer, and definitely make more money from doing so.

Even though I now prefer to work on Freelancer, I found Fiverr a good place for beginners to start their freelancing careers from.

Fiverr seems to me very structured and very easy to navigate; they allow you more bids than most other freelancing sites.

If you’re just starting out, I’ll recommend that you go over and above in pleasing your clients.

How you treat your first few clients will determine whether or not you’ll go far in freelancing.

The first few reviews you get are the most important. So pay attention to what your buyer wants and ensure to deliver above expectation.

When you finally begin to get plenty customers as a result of the reviews and recommendations, do not lower your standard/quality, instead you should demand more pay for your excellent services.

Also, if you make it a point of duty to always learn new skills and to improve on the ones you already acquired, you will not miss it as a freelancer.

I can confidently say that my success lies in not stopping at writing, but advancing to white board animation, graphic design, etc.

You can do the same.

The good thing is that there are many sites where you can pick up these skills, either for free or for a small fee.

Benefits of being freelancer. Stories from a developer, writer, scientist and Ruby on Rails engineer

advantages of freelance work

1 Travel Writer

I love travelling. I always want to be on the road. When I finished from the University, I didn't know how to begin a life.

The only thing I thought of was how I could get out and travel the world. I thought of nothing else.

I had no idea how I could realize this dream, but I knew somehow I would because I thought so much about it.

I then found a travel website, Skilljet, that helped people find unique places to visit and also shared the unique adventures that came with travelling to certain places.

Thankfully, I secured a job with this website and my dreams came true (just like I knew it would).

I now have the freedom to travel around the world at my pace, while gathering experiences useful for our travel community and not leaving out, making money along the way.

I take long travels from one country to another. I feel so fulfilled, proud and happy because I believe I can shape my life the way I want and I can be who I want to be, there are no limitations with freelancing.

2 Mobile Developer

My name is Simon. I was an IT developer for a telecommunications company in Canada.

Even though my work seemed a good one, it sometimes felt like a trap.

So I constantly dreamed of freedom, of going away to live somewhere foreign (Singapore was my first choice).

I dreamed of the flexibility to go anywhere I wanted and the joy of going to bed and waking anytime I liked, while still giving the best to my work.

Do you know what I did?

I woke up one morning, packed my bags and off I went (in search of freedom).

I arrived at Singapore and finding an IT job was tough.

I tried a few times without success before I decided to settle for freelancing.

It took a little while but freelancing proved sweet for me.

I wasn't just restricted to clients from a locality, I got clients from all around the world with far better opportunities.

I immediately built a profile full of positive reviews and in a very short time I was earning two times more than I earned in Russia.

I not only make money now from freelancing, I live wherever I like.

I can be in one country today, in another tomorrow, still, my work does not suffer.

This is freedom!

3 Math Algorithm Scientist

I am Eugine and I have over 25 years of experience as an Engineer and Physicist.

I lost my job after the 25th year and at the time getting an average programming job was a very difficult one, not to talk of a job that required my kind of expertise.

I started freelancing instead of wasting my time looking for a job.

People with my kind of algorithm, schedule algorithm, data mining expertise were rare on oDesk, so I thought there'd be no market for me, but I published a profile nevertheless and started searching for jobs.

I found a few that required my skills and applied.

Because competition was low, I got some of the jobs and since then demand for my expertise has increased tremendously.

It turned out deciding for freelancing was a wise one.

I'm 56 now and I can boldly tell you that I'm enjoying freelancing.

I love my work and it is sometimes hard to even keep up with work demands.

But it's a wonderful feeling.

It makes me feel blessed.

4 Ruby on Rails Engineer

I'm a programmer and even though I code in Java, C sharp and Ruby on Rails, the one I enjoy working with the most is Ruby.

I worked with a financial institution that paid me a fat salary but I wasn't able to do any work on Ruby.

Besides, I was buried in my job.

I didn't have time for my family or anything else.

My job was secure and lucrative, but I decided to get out and free myself.

I started a freelancing career and advertised my skills on Ruby.

It took a while but I started to get jobs and got to work more on Ruby.

I don't earn half as much as I used to earn at my former place of work, but my earning is increasing month after month.

I now enjoy what I do.

Above all, I have time for my family.

I work from home and I occasionally take my wife and kids out.

My wife and I go out to run three mornings every week.

We have never been happier and work has never been more fun.

It is getting better and better.

5 Editor, Writer, Author

After 18 years of working in San Francisco as an executive assistant, I was completely tired of routine and knew I could no longer carry on in that job so I took a drastic decision.

I packed up and left for Europe.

I first landed in Italy, then France, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Austria, etc.

For close to 2 years I jumped from one European country to another.

That felt better than jumping from one San Francisco office to another in search of a more fulfilling job.

In the end, I decided Austria was the place for me so I bought a house here and settled and then I decided to explore freelancing.

I opened an account on oDesk and applied for editor and writer jobs.

I work full time from my house.

Freelancing means I can work anywhere I want as long as I was connected to the internet.

Now, I travel as often as I want and for long periods and that doesn't in any way stop my work.

I even work better because I pick up a lot of inspirations along the way.

I've worked with people from almost every part of the world, something I could not have achieved if I wasn't working on a freelancing site.

Beyond the freedom and enjoyment I gain from being a freelancer, I enjoy the opportunity to constantly improve on my editing and writing skills.

I have become the envy of most of my friends who are still stuck in boring offices back in San Francisco.

I work when I want, take a break when I want and pack my bag and travel when I want.

The truth is, it's not easy to find your first client as a freelancer; it's not easy to make a client trust you and it's not easy to find a really good client like the one I found.

But these things are not impossible.

Here's my story...

How I got first job with experience in Google Reports and Marketing

I am Russian and I have skills in very narrow areas such as customizing and setting up Google Analytics Custom events and reporting for advertising campaigns.

how to get jobs on odesk

I worked in this area for almost 3 years and felt satisfied with the small company I worked for.

But I knew things could be better; I knew I could earn more.

So I started looking for other means to supplement my earnings by working on side projects.

In the end, I decided on freelancing.

I opened accounts on 3 freelancing platforms: Freelancer, oDesk and Guru.

I felt more comfortable on Freelancer because I'm Russian but I found out that there were more clients for my specialty on oDesk than on Freelancer, so I stuck with oDesk.

Because I wanted only jobs that were related to my field, I found a program that could monitor new jobs on oDesk and send me only those that are related to my field or had the keywords 'GA,' 'Marketing reports,' 'Google custom events,' etcetera.

I got an average of 2 such job openings every month.

Besides, I wanted to find a valuable project with a reliable client as well.

One day, I got a message with an interesting offer to develop custom events and customize Google Analytics reports.

This was what I did exactly on my current job.

I wrote a very detailed cover letter answering the client's questions and providing some likely positions based on my practice.

The client was very interested, so he sent me further clarifications; I read those and made further suggestions too.

We bounced clarifications and technical suggestions off each other for three emails before the client accepted my application and asked me to start.

This is why I say it is not easy.

  • You have to be patient.
  • You need to learn to be friendly and you must know your stuff.

Now, sometimes, you could go back and forth with a client like this - research his problems and send him suggestions, etc - and in the end he may not even hire you.

That doesn't mean you should give up; forget the bad feeling and try again.

Anyways, I started and got access to the client's source files hosted on Amazon cloud server.

Some of the tasks I had to do required technologies I did not know like Node.js, PHP, jQuery, etc.

Even though these were not related to my job directly, I quickly researched on them, sometimes I asked help from friends and I was able to complete the tasks.

The client became more confident in my skills and gave me more access to his FTP, GoDaddy account, Control Panel, Amazon Dedicated Instances and so on.

I also became more confident in what I could do and felt really good with myself, who wouldn't?

I worked hard on this project every evening and weekends just to get my best out.

He had a new web project he wanted to launch, so he asked me to hire a small team to work with me on the project.

And that's how I became a boss in freelancing, ha ha.

7 months down the line, I resigned from my work and started to work remotely with this reliable client.

I worked really hard. I was honest with him and handled his accounts with utmost carefulness.

These helped me establish a rewarding long-term relationship with him.

I still work with him till today.

He has been really awesome.

You can find a client as reliable as this one, maybe even more, but you need patience and you need skills.

As a freelancer, you must be ready to learn at all times.

how to win projects on odesk

It actually took me a while before I got my first freelancing job.

I'm very good with MS Office applications. I've been writing VBA macros for 2 years for Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Access.

So, usually I handle simple things like processing, generating reports, forms, etc.

I worked in a big software organization as a developer and that gave me a lot of free time to do other things on the side.

My friends talked to me about making money online through freelancing and I decided to give it a try.

The first place I chose to work was at Freelancer, maybe because of its name.

It didn't take too long before I disliked everything about Freelancer.

They changed their policies very often and controlled everything, making the platform a very difficult place to work.

I learned about Upwork and wasn't sure if I should waste my time on it.

In the end, I decided again to try because I read a lot of good reviews about them.

I checked jobs relating to my skills every day.

I tried to apply for one of such jobs one day and was surprised that there were 90 applicants chasing this job with a cost of $5! I immediately felt disappointed.

How was a new person like me to get a job where there are 89 old, experienced applicants?

For the first month, I did not apply for such jobs at all.

There was no way I could beat the other 89 applicants.

Yet, jobs with less amount of applicants were either too difficult for me to handle or required skills I did not have or willing to learn.

This was the best time to quit altogether, but I decided to check out the jobs that attracted at least 90 applicants.

They were either assistants, admins, testers and graphic designers.

That changed my thinking and made me a little excited. I started to see only about 8 or 9 out of the 90 applicants as my real competition.

Because of my English is not that good, so I don't necessarily possess the skills to write excellent cover letters.

But I did the following trick, I carefully studied the job request, downloaded and studied the attached files which the client wanted to parse and did exactly what the client requested.

My cover letter was very simple.

That was it. That was what landed me my first win and earned me my first $5 online, despite all the other numerous applicants.

how to get your first job on odesk

I was so pleased that finally I could make money online.

If to be 100% honest, actually I spent 7 hours to complete this 'simple' job for $5 :), but it was worth it.

Freelance work for Indian students

freelance work for students

My name is Karan.

I come from a very humble family.

My father is a water bearer and my mother sells handmade beads and trinkets in front of the house.

On typical days, we struggle to eat, but because my father does not want me to end up like him, he sent me to school.

He sometimes borrows from his friends to pay my fees.

I'm a student of the 5th course in India, studying Computer Engineering.

I'm really scared for my family.

They look up to me to finish University and get a good job to help them, but my grades are very bad.

I don't think I'll get any good job.

I've always loved movies, not just movies, but special effects in movies.

I've tried learning to make such effects using Adobe Premier, but I have no computer.

I begged my roommate to allow me use his computer.

He accepted and let me install Adobe Premier.

And so my experiments and practice started.

After a few months of experiments, I could produce certain special effects effortlessly.

Most of them were super pleased with the outcome.

I was searching for tutorials on YouTube one evening when I stumbled on a video that taught people how to make money remotely from freelancing.

I wasn't really moved by the video, but I decided to give it a try.

I created an account at oDesk and waited to get orders.


I polished my profile and waited. Nothing.

For four months I added fake work experience and skills, hoping that an order would come.


I was almost going to delete my account and return to my poor grades when suddenly I was invited for an interview on one of my bids.

Passing the interview was a difficult one, because my English is not good.

I can read and write, but speaking is something else.

So I told the client that my Internet connection was not fine due to weather conditions.

I provided him with as many screenshots as possible of the effects I planned to apply.

He almost declined, but when I told him I'd do it for free, he hired me. I had my reasons.

 He wanted me to add mortal combat kind of effects to a video.

I was to mimic mortal combat fights.

Now, Mortal Combat is a game I love to play a lot and knew some of those effects.

I confirmed to the client that I could do the job and that I'd even do it for free so he let me do it.

freelance college students

Time passed and I failed to meet the first timeline.

My client showed a little disappointment, but I promised him I would do the next job for free too.

I had a second chance to finish up and deliver my work.

My roommates helped me with ideas and I was able to finish and deliver before deadline.

The video simply rocked. It was a blast, thanks to my roommates.

My client was pleased and gave me a positive review, which helped me get orders from other clients.

I also got other jobs from the first client.

Some of them were followed a positive feedback, some not.

I now feel very confident to work on any project.

I bid for top jobs and get some.

Some clients currently contact me directly without using oDesk.

I'm earning so much from my online work now that I don't even think of a job after university any more.

After two months alone, I bought own laptop and internet.

Onetime my dad called me and asked where I got all the money from.

I tried to explain, but Papa could not understand.

I'm glad, but still worry about getting a job.

earn money home moms

How not educated mom earns as freelancer

I remember how freelancing started for me and my son 3 years ago.

I am from Philippines and have a little son.

I was a nurse at a local hospital.

I gave my very best.

I attended to every patient as if they are my blood brothers and sisters.

Every patient liked me and I did my work to see them recover fast.

I was prompt and sincere but I cannot explain what happen.

I couldn't speak for long.

I was surprised.

When I asked him why he said it was management decision.

I don't know what to do or where to start again because I do not have any degree and I have a little son.

I cried a lot of time until my friend, Kyla, advised me to try to get a job on the internet.

That sounded like a joke to me, I almost laughed.

But Kyla is a really good friend.

I do not know internet.

She helped me.

She gave me her old computer and shared her internet with me since we live in the same room.

She helped me create account, put my picture and my service.

I do not have a degree like I said, so the only thing I could offer was care and patience.

Because she was already experienced with freelancing, she helped me do some things with my account.

She explained, but I didn't understand.

Kyla checked new orders periodically together with me.

When she saw orders where I can be useful then she immediately asked me how I wanted to answer and typed for me because I typed very slowly and made mistakes.

After several months a miracle happened - I was invited on my first skype interview and I passed it!

The client had a sick wife who wanted someone who is kind and cheerful to talk with.

With the help of my friend, we were able to secure this job.


So, in two months, I listened I talked with this woman.

She talked about her children and I talked about my son.

We laughed and joked over Skype and she was very happy.

We became best of friends.

She got well after then and we stayed very good friends.

I got other clients who liked to talk with me on Skype, some wanted me to come to their home to look after old mother.

virtual jobs for moms

They shared their problems and fears. I was happy because they were very happy.

I was not only happy, I was also making money.

This job makes me almost $300 per month - I know that this is not so big, but for many Philippines families it is a great help.

Sometimes when I talk with my clients, my son will sit on my laps.

My clients liked to see him and liked his sweet voice.

He is happy too.

I work from 4 to 6 hours in the day and I make even more than I make from my nursing job.

I am happier, my son is happier too.

Earn money freelance writing

writing jobs for freelancers


I have always loved to write.

Sometimes it feels like I strolled out of my mother's womb possessing the skills to write.

Growing up, I spent every spare time I had scribbling.

Not anything serious, just for the fun of reading my thoughts after I'd crawled under my bed sheet and laughing to myself.

But you know, you get new perspectives to life the older you grow.

You hear a lot of things. Some say, "once you do what you love, you're safe."

Some others say passion dissolves to frustration if what you love cannot put food on your table.

The later opinion began to take its toll on me when my writing could not help me gain any form of recognition or put money in my pocket.


Then I decided to try freelancing.

I thought that would be a better way to start earning from my passion.

For the first 5 months, I went from one freelancing platform to another creating profiles, polishing them over and over and applying/bidding for jobs.

I won none.

One night after months, I got an email from one of the platforms I signed up with.

Someone had hired me.

He/she wanted me to write a 1,000 word article on environmental pollution.

I was so excited.

I jumped off the bed and powered up my computer.

Before long, I was typing away on my keyboard, smiling to myself.

I had such a good time digging up information about environmental pollution, piecing them together and pouring them on the pages of my Word document.

I finished at 2,244 words and exhaled.

Then I went over it, reading it aloud to myself as I made minor corrections.

"Perfect!" I thought and decided to deliver.

I waited to get a confirmation so I could earn my first income online.

I slept off while waiting.

The next morning there was a mail waiting for me from the buyer, not a confirmation.

My heart beat faster as I read the first few lines.

The buyer was disappointed at my output.

He complained that I had not followed his instruction and looking at his brief again, I truly had not followed his instruction.

For that reason he initiated a cancellation.

My incessant plea with him to allow me another chance to do a better job fell on deaf ears.

He cancelled and gave me a poor rating.

That became a wound that would not heal.

I was broken, terribly scarred.

I stopped checking my emails or visiting any of the platforms.

I hardly talked to friends.

I completely lost all confidence in writing.

I simply stayed in bed all day, hoping that the clock would tick faster.

I almost gave up on life, but life did not give up on me.


Three weeks into my solitude, I got an invite to apply for another writing job on Freelancer.

Very reluctantly, I did, hoping that they don't consider me for it.

But the employer wanted a few writers and he chose me as one.

I snapped out of my self-pity and decided to give myself another chance.


This time, I read the employer's brief more than twice before ever writing my first word.


I completed his work, read over it and sent it over, bracing for the worst.

Time ticked.

Then to my surprise and indescribable satisfaction, he liked my work and for weeks to come, he gave me two jobs each week.

My lost confidence gradually returned with a brighter smile.

I easily applied to jobs and kept faith that something good would come.

It did some of the times.

Not only was I getting jobs from Freelancer, my gigs over at Fiverr began to sell too.

I paid plenty attention to the description of what each buyer wanted and when it was not clear, I asked that they explained better before I ever started.

Offers trickled in weekly, even though some days went by without any.

But it was okay, the days I got orders made up for the days I didn't.

Soon I became a level one seller on Fiverr and then level two.

Life became really busy.

Sometimes I almost didn't remember to take a bath and sometimes I didn't stand from my chair until it was the morning of the next day.

But it was okay.

Are you struggling to get your first job as a freelancer?

freelance jobs from home

1 Learn the tricks

This is what Sean did when he first signed up at 99designs - a freelance platform for designers.

He first went to the community section and clicked through almost every topic that had some form of help or another for a newbie.

From profile and portfolio building tips to webinars.

Platforms that have forums, communities and blogs that allow comments are the very best.

Sean quickly learnt all the tricks he could before building his profile.

Then he read more on design tips and how to enter contests and then he went over to 'open contests' to see the kind of work that other designers submitted.

After seeing some designs, he was convinced he needed to brush up on his skills.

He went back to his lessons, read more and practiced a little more.

Then he read more success stories from the community section.

Those stories got him inspired.

Sean didn't win the first eight contests he entered, but he won the 9th and that swelled his account by $105.

2 Be patient

Even after you've learnt the tricks, you need a little patience.

Janice, a WordPress developer, did not get any job on oDesk until she was 6 months old on the platform.

She didn't give up, she kept learning, tweaking and improving until she got her first.

She spent some time asking questions about how to write a cover letter that converts.

She learnt from experts and it paid off for her.

That brings us to the next point.

3 Learn the best way to apply for projects

freelance jobs from home without investment

Your cover letter or custom offer or whatever it is called on the platform you use is a very important tool.

Every new freelancer needs to understand how to use this tool to make his/her first sale and more.

Janice shares that one of the most important elements within a cover letter is telling the prospective buyer/employer how you intend to solve his/her problem.


"It helps sometimes," she said, "to find sellers that catch your fancy and research them.

Then start your letter with what you like about what they do."

That way, you're showing them some respect, which they, more often than not, like to return.

She also shared the following:

Don't make your cover letter sound like a mass email.

Concentrate on the employer's current, specific task.

1 Summarize the task in your letter, so they have the idea that you're both on the same page.

2 Next, make a rough recommendation of how the project can be completed.

3 Give one or two suggestions.

A lot of employers say they're open to suggestions.

That's to show you they value suggestions and recommendations.

4 Now that you have the employer's attention, you may then talk about how you successfully handled similar projects in the past - your experience.

5 Your rate is not as important in a cover letter as your ability to catch the project owner's attention.

Once you can do that, he/she can pay you whatever you quote because they now have confidence in your service.

6 End your cover letter with a call to action.

It works!

Pretend you have been given the job, what would be your first question to your employer?

Ask that question at the end of the letter.

Such questions prompt them to respond.

Then you may close the deal from there.

So, if you're yet to land your first task from freelancing, be patient, learn the tricks and write cover letters/offers that convert.

Your first sale is not far away.

Beginner graphic designer earns on Fiverr

The kind of success Aishwarya recorded with her freelancing account on Fiverr may not be easily replicable, as a matter of fact, it is not easily believable, but it goes a long way to disprove many points and make a strong one.


graphic designer earns on fiverr

A lot of people scour the internet day after day, looking for that glimpse of light that will represent a source of passive income for them.

They forage from one blog/website to another and constantly run into contradictory theories about making money online by the so called experts.

Sometimes they pay huge sums of money just to learn the newest secret to making it big online.

Holding on to their new found secret, and to hope, they wade into unfamiliar paths.

Six months down the line they're still trying to make their first dollar.

Before they quit, they quickly run to their tutor and whine, "The course is not working ..." To which the bloated tutor responds with a smirk, "Oh, that course doesn't work in isolation, you really need to get my second course and apply the principles from both courses together."

They're back to square one and in no time, they're running after yet another formula that they think works.

This may even be your story.

You may have tried everything possible.

You may even own an account on every freelancing site available without success.

You may be close to the point of throwing everything all away and turning your back on the possibility of ever earning money remotely.

Does freelancing as a means of earning income remotely really work?

how to earn on Fiverr

How can that work when everyone who wants to hire a freelancer online is looking for a freelancer who has had 7 solid years of experience?

Does a beginner buy seven years of experience from the market or what?

If you still think freelancing does not work, then you may need to consider the story of Aishwarya and how she made a success with her freelancing.

Like it is for every other person, things were equally hard for Aish and her siblings.

Eating had become a problem for her and her family, not to talk of prompt payment of their rent.

She tried everywhere to get a job to do besides her schooling, but every job she got offered her peanuts and frustrated her the more.

So she decided to sell her skills.

She had had a training on graphics design and had mastered such software as Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

She started telling anyone who cared to listen that she could make designs for them for a fee.

She got a few orders from relatives who ordered not because they needed what they ordered but because they wanted her to stop bothering them.

Orders were not frequent for Aishwarya, only one or two each week; they didn't pay much either.

She heard about Fiverr in school and the thought of exchanging her skills for US dollars fascinated her.

So she decided to give it a try.

She signed up and for the first two days, she was looking through threads on the forum to help her learn the ropes.

The tips she found on the forum about creating her first gig, making her first sale, handling requests, etc were invaluable to her.

The third day she created her first gig.

She couldn't afford a video for as yet so she decided she'd add one when she began to make sales.

Instead of waiting for her gig to slowly find it's way to the first page of her gig category before she had the chance of making her first sale, she started applying to buyer requests.

Before the end of that day, she got an order.

She was too excited; she was visibly shaken.

But she managed to control herself after a while and did her best to produce something good.

She delivered just in time, before the clock ran out.

The buyer was pleased and gave her a positive review.

The thought of four dollars online, without having to see his client thrilled her.

She could hardly sleep that night.

She must have checked her phone more than 500 times to see if another order came in.

The second day, there was no order; the third, the same, despite the avalanche of buyer requests she replied to.

One week after, she got 3 orders in a day and 2 the following day.

By now she had gained confidence.

She communicated better with her clients to learn their needs.

Her clients were satisfied with her output.

Some of them promised to order her gig again.

By the end of that month, Aish had made $156 and was promoted to level one seller.

She had learnt how to use the ‘extras' to improve her earnings.

Her happiness knew no bounds.

She bought courses online and continued sharpening her skills at times when orders were not overwhelming.

By the time she was sharing her story, she had worked on Fiverr for 54 days and had earned $824 and also had 9 orders in queue.

So you see, making money remotely as a freelancer is not impossible.

But there are tricks to every platform and most times, older freelancers on each platform do not hesitate to give you these tricks.