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What are the benefits of AJAX over Java applet?

  •  Html based web applications are easily searchable & can be indexed. 
  •  Startup time to load a applets is more that loading a page with ajax. 
  •  Applets provides a different look and feel than a normal web based application

The following are the benefits of AJAX over Java applet:

  •  AJAX applications are loaded in seconds, where as Applets takes longer time. The reason is, Applet applications are tend to load large libraries. 
  •  AJAX provides standard look and feel for web applications, where as Applets provides GUI based look and feel. 
  •  AJAX features can increase from a conventional web application, where as Applets uses complete programming process right from the scratch. 
  •  Java version changes enable incompatibilities between Applet and java environments used by the browser, where as in AJAX incompatibilities are not the constraints.

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