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What are the different frameworks available In AJAX?

The following is a list of notable Ajax frameworks, used for creating web applications with a dynamic link between the client and the server.

Some of the frameworks are JavaScript compilers, for generating JavaScript and Ajax that runs in the web browser client; 

Some are pure JavaScript libraries. Others are server-side frameworks that typically utilize JavaScript libraries.

1. JavaScript frameworks are browser-side frameworks very commonly used in Ajax development. There are hundreds of JavaScript frameworks available.E.g. jQuery

2. Java frameworks used for server-side Ajax operations: E.g. Apache Wicket

3. C++ : E.g. Wt - a C++ Web Toolkit

4. .NET : The following frameworks are available for the Windows .NET platform: e.g. ASP.NET AJAX (previously Microsoft Atlas)

5. PHP : A PHP framework is able to deal with database, search data, and build pages or parts of page and publish the page or return data to the XMLHttpRequest object. E.g. Quicknet is an Ajax framework that provides secure data transmission, uses PHP on the server side

6. Python : These frameworks use Python for client-side Ajax operations:

E.g. Pyjamas, a widget library with a Python to JavaScript compiler

7. Ruby : The Ruby on Rails framework implements a Domain- specific language named RJS, which can be used to write Ruby code that generates Javascript code.

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