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Describe the SmsManager class in android?

SmsManager class is responsible for sending SMS from one emulator to another or device.

You cannot directly instantiate this class; instead, you call the getDefault() static method to obtain an SmsManager object. You then send the SMS message using the sendTextMessage() method:

SmsManagersms = SmsManager.getDefault();

sms.sendTextMessage("5556", null, "Hello from careerRide", null, null);

sendTextMessage() method takes five argument.

  • destinationAddress — Phone number of the recipient.
         • scAddress — Service center address; you can use null also.
         • text — Content of the SMS message that you want to send.
         • sentIntent — Pending intent to invoke when the message is sent.
         • deliveryIntent — Pending intent to invoke when the message has been delivered.

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