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What are the approaches required to share persistent user-defined objects?

Persistent objects come when there is process that is in the running state and the system can perform any action like restart or kill. If there is any data that will persist and required from another data then it is very essential to save it and share it so that if one activity is down, another activity can be performed without any hindrance. To share the complex persistent user-defined objects, it is required to have the approaches like:
- Application preferences: that is used to allow the user to change the setting of preferences and make it accessible by some other objects.
- Files: permissions on the files can be set so that any other file can also use and share the objects
- Content providers: allow easy to follow patterns that allow the user to select the object and share it with other functions. 
- Database: the database can be used to store the user data and can easily link between the user and the entity that are present in it. 

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