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What are the methods to avoid memory leaks in Android?

Android applications are well bundled with the memory but they have a drawback of running lots of application that keeps in the memory to make the processing faster. The more application in the memory, the faster will be the switch between the applications. The memory leaks can be avoided by changing the context. The context is used for many operations but it is used to access the resources on android. The widgets have a context parameter in their constructors. There are mainly two types of context: either activity or application. The program is as follows:
protected void onCreate(Bundle state) {
TextView label = new TextView(this);
label.setText("Test memory leak");
if the context is having leaks in it then the activity then there is a possibility of the leaks of memory. The leaking of the entire activity can be checked. The system will automatically create and destroy one of the activities by default. Android will reload the application by using the rotation policy. And it will keep the entire static field maintained. 

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