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What are the multimedia features involved in making Android popular?


There is the demand for the rich multimedia that involves many features that are used till now to make the Android market more popular in all the phases. The application includes the following:
  - Mixable audio effects - developer can easily create audio environments using the API key that is provided with it like creating equalization, bass boost, headphone feature, etc. The android provide the tools that can be used to mix the audio effects and apply it.
  - There is also support for new media formats like VP8 open video compression format that uses a container format that can run on all the platforms and add the support for AAC and AMR encoding. The applications provided allow higher quality video to be captured. 
  - The application allows the access to multiple cameras that allows the use of APIs to include the camera and its properties in one. The platform provides the application to include the camera with high and low resolution.

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