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What are the steps required in setting up the linkify calls intent?

Linkify is used to route the intent in an activity. This linkify allows the calls to be invoked and allow an activity to be handled. The process of executing the linkfy is as follows:
- linkfy is used to invoke the process in the TextView and allow the matching of the patterns to be turned into the intent links.
- Linkify monitors the intent links that is being selected by the user and allow it to be modified for further actions. 
- Linkfy allows the user to select the link and when user selects it, it calls the VIEW action on the content that uses an URI that is associated with the link.
- Android takes the content that is represented by the URI and the data that is used. It looks for the ContentProvider component that is registered with the system and matches the URI of the content that is getting produced. 
- If the match is found for the query done by android then the URI gets used by the ContentProvider and MIME type of data can be returned for the URI. 
- Android uses the activity registered in the system that uses the intent-filter matching both the VIEW action and the MIME type for the data that can be linked with the URI.

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