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What is the main reason of using process lifecycle in Android?

The android system will keep all the process that are hosting the services together at one place till the time the service is not started or connected to the client. The priority of the process is divided when running low on memory or when the process has to be killed. The process lifecycle is as follows:
  - The service is running currently then the methods onCreate(), onStartCommand(), and onDestroy()methods, will run in the foreground to execute the process without being killed. 
  - The service is already started then the process can be considered as less important then the processes that are currently visible and used. This is done as there are only few processes that are visible to the users on the screen. 
  - The clients are bounded to the services they are providing requires more priority in the execution list. 
  - The service that is started uses startForeground(int, Notification)API to allow all the services to run in the foreground state. The system considers only the services where the user is still active as the services not to be killed. 

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