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Which are the different tags that are required to create reusable user interface that include the layout?

Android offers wide range of user interface widgets through which the reusable user interface can be made. It requires some buttons to be made and also allow multiple widgets to be combined using the single and reusable component. There are XML layout files that are used in which each tag can be mapped to the class instance. The tags that are used are:
- <requestFocus />: this allows the component to remain in focus.
- <merge />: merge the components and their properties into one to create a reusable component code
- <include />: this includes the library files and visual components of XML. This also uses 
- <merge /> tag that can be combined with it to create the merging layout. 
To create the layout these are the tags that are required and essential. The XML visual components are also used to define the overall structure of the layout. 

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