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Define LeaseTime, SponsorshipTime, RenewOnCallTime, LeaseManagePollTime.

Terms related to lifecycle of a remoting object.

The LeaseTime property protects the object so that the garbage collector does not destroy it as remoting objects are beyond the scope of the garbage collector. Every object created has a default leasetime for which it will be activated. Once the leasetime expires, the object is eligible again for garbage collector and is eventually destroyed. Default value is 5 minutes.

Even though the leasetime of an object has expired, there still may be clients who would still need the remoting object on the server. In such cases the leasemanager keeps a track of such clients and asks them if they need the object and are ready to extend or sponsor the object to extend its existence. This is done through SponsorshipTime property, which is then based on the sponsor.

The RenewOnCallTime property defines the duration for which a remoting object's lease is extended if a sponsor is found. The default value is 2 minutes.

The LeaseManager class has a property PollTime, which defines the frequency at which the LeaseManager polls the leases. Default is 10 seconds.

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