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Describe the complete lifecycle of a Web page?

When we execute a Web page, it passes from the following stages, which are collectively known as Web page lifecycle:

  • Page request - During this stage, ASP.NET makes sure the page either parsed or compiled and a cached version of the page can be sent in response
         • Start - During this stage sets the Request and Response page properties and the page check the page request is either a postback or a new request
         • Page Initialization - During this stage, the page initialize and the control's Unique Id property are set
         • Load - During this stage, if the request is postback, the control properties are loaded without loading the view state and control state otherwise loads the view state
         • Validation - During this stage, the controls are validated
         • Postback event handling - During this stage, if the request is a postback, handles the event
         • Rendering - During this stage, the page invokes the Render method to each control for return the output
         • Unload - During this stage, when the page is completely rendered and sent to the client, the page is unloaded.

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