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Difference between Datagrid, Datalist and repeater


They are all ASP.NET data Web controls.

They have common properties like

 DataSource Property
DataBind Method

When the DataSource Property of a Datagrid is assigned to a DataSet then each DataRow present in the DataRow Collection of DataTable is assigned to a corresponding DataGridItem.


The HTML code generated has an HTML TABLEelement created for the particular DataRow and is a tabular representation with Columns and Rows. Datagrid has a in-built support for Sort, Filter and paging the Data.


An Array of Rows and based on the Template Selected and the RepeatColumn Property value The number DataSource records that appear per HTML

Repeater Control

The Datarecords to be displayed depend upon the Templates specified and the only HTML generated accordingly. Repeater does not have in-built support for Sort, Filter and paging the Data.

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