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Explain different IIS isolation levels in ASP.NET- Low (IIS process A), Medium (Pooled), High (Isolated)

Low (IIS Process):

This is the fastest and the default IIS4 setting. ASP pages run in INetInfo.exe and so they are executed in-process. If ASP crashes, IIS too does and must be restarted.

Medium (Pooled):

This IIS setting is more reliable. In this if ASP crashes, IIS does not. In this, the ASP applications share the same process, so a web site can run with just IIS and ASP process. IIS5 supports this setting and is the default setting.

High (Isolated):

This setting runs in MTS.EXE in IIS4 and in DLLHOST.EXE in IIS5. If one ASP application crashes, IIS or other ASP applications don't crash. Each ASP application runs out-process in its own space.

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