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Explain in brief each kind of caching in ASP.NET.

Page Output Caching
This type of caching is implemented by placing OutputCache directive at the top of the .aspx page at design time.
For example:
<%@OutputCache Duration= "30" VaryByParam= "DepartmentId"%>

The duration parameter specifies for how long the page would be in cache and the VaryByParam parameter is used to cache different version of the page.
The VaryByParam parameter is useful when we require caching a page based on certain criteria.

Page Fragment Caching
This technique is used to store part of a Web form response in memory by caching a user control.

Data Caching
Data Caching is implemented by using Cache object to store and quick retrieval of application data.
Cache object is just like application object which can be access anywhere in the application.
The lifetime of the cache is equivalent to the lifetime of the application.