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Explain login controls?

Login controls are built-in controls in ASP.Net for providing a login solution to ASP.NET application. The login controls use the membership system to authenticate a user credentials for a Web site.
  There are many controls in login controls.

  • ChangePassword control - Allows users to change their password.
         • CreateUserWizard control - Provides an interface to the user to register for that Web site.
         • Login control - Provides an interface for user authentication. It consists of a set of controls, such asTextBox, Label, Button, CheckBox, HyperLink.
         • LoginView control - Displays appropriate information to different users according to the user's status.
         • LoginStatus control - Shows a login link to users, who are not authenticated and logout link, who are authenticated
         • LoginName control - Displays a user name, if the user logs in.
         • PasswordRecovery control - Allows users to get back the password through an e-mail, if they forget.

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