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How to make an application offline in ASP.NET 2.0.

Microsoft's Internet Information Services web server software is used to make an application offline. The IIS is instructed to route all incoming requests for the web site to another URL automatically.

Steps for application configuration:

  • In the properties of IIS manager, choose Virtual Directory tab and indicate that the content for this application should come from "A redirection to a URL."
  • Then enter the same URL to redirect.

Ways to take an application offline:

  • Stop IIS server.
  • Redirect your website to an ErrorPage.htm file which displays appropriate information/feedback to users requesting the website.
  • In the web.config look forand set it to false. This will return a default ASP.Net 4040 status page to the requesting end users.
  <httpRuntime enable="false" />
  • Add to App_Offline.htm page to the root of the website. To bring the application back up, simply delete this file.

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