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What is the Pre-Compilation feature of ASP.NET 2.0?

Previously, in ASP.NET, the pages and the code used to be compiled dynamically and then cached so as to make the requests to access the page extremely efficient. In ASP.NET 2.0, the pre-compilation feature is used with which an entire site is precompiled before it is made available to users.

There is a pre-defined folder structure for enabling the pre-compilation feature:

  • App_Code: stores classes
  • App_Themes: stores CSS files, Images, etc.
  • App_Data: stores XML files, Text Files, etc.
  • App_GlobalResources: stores all the resources at global level E.g. resx files, etc
  • App_LocalResources: stores all the resources at local/Page level

It is a process where things that can be handled before compilation are prepared in order to reduce the deployment time, response time, increase safety. It's main aim to boost performance.

It also helps in informing about the compilation failures.

During development, it allows you to make changes to the web pages and reuse it using the same web browser to validate the changes without compiling the entire website.

During deployment, it generates the entire website folder structure in the destination. All the static files are copied to the folder and bin directory would later on contain the compiled dll.

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