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Explain about Blackberry Enterprise Server

BlackBerry Enterprise Server: The BlackBerry handhelds are integrated into the e-mail system of the organization through software BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The BES versions are available for MS Exchange, Novell GroupWise and Lotus Domino. A connector was made by Google for BES for making BES available for Google Apps. A new feature is added which enables to track the current location of an individual through trailateration.

BES provides handhelds with the connectivity of TCP/IP which can be accessed through a component known as ''Mobile Data Service - Connection Service - MDS-CS. This allows the development of custom application development using data streams on BlackBerry devices which are based on the Sun JME platform.

BES also provides network security in the form of Triple DES or AES encryption standard of all data including e-mail and MDS traffic, which travels between the BlackBerry hand held devices and a BES.