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What are the advantages of BlackBerry technology?

1. Email: BlackBerry provides email accessing facility with its wireless extension. Normal email activities can be performed without hassles. It remains continuously connected to the wireless network which enables the user to access email. The mail will appear on the device without retrieving it.

2. Phone: The BlackBerry hand held has all the features of a mobile. In addition it has digital walkie-talkie, SIP based IP telephony and also provides headsets with comfort, clarity and convenience.

3. Wireless Internet: The hand held phone have special features which enables to browse the internet by clicking and scroll track wheel for navigating the pages and types the URLs by using QWERTY keyboards.

4. Tethered Modem: Some of the BlackBerry hand held devices are available with features like speedy wireless services with fast email and browsing experiences. This device acts as a tethered modem without carrying a wireless PC card.

5. Organizer: The mobile is provided with functionality regarding day to day activities.

6. SMS: Blackberry devices support the facility of sending and receiving text messages.

7. Instant Messaging: This feature helps the user for contacting people once they are connected to the wireless network.

8. Corporate Data Access: Business goals can be achieved with access to the corporate data, by using wireless connectivity technology.

9. Paging: Some of the BlackBerry models provide paging services to the BlackBerry users who do not have an email account. 

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