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Can you add pointers together? Why would you?

No, you can't add pointers together. If you live at 1332 Lakeview Drive, and your neighbor lives at 1364
Lakeview, what's 1332+1364? It's a number, but it doesn't mean anything. If you try to perform this type
of calculation with pointers in a C program, your compiler will complain.

The only time the addition of pointers might come up is if you try to add a pointer and the difference of two

p = p + p2 - p1;

which is the same thing as this:

p = (p + p2) - p1.

Here's a correct way of saying this:

p = p + ( p2 - p1 );

Or even better in this case would be this example:

p += p2 - p1;

Do you know that?

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