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How can a program be made to print the line number where an error occurs?

The ANSI C standard includes a predefined macro named __LINE__ that can be used to insert the current
source code line number in your program. This can be a very valuable macro when it comes to debugging
your program and checking for logic errors. For instance, consider the following portion of code:

int print_document(char* doc_name, int destination)
     switch (destination)
          case TO_FILE:
          case TO_SCREEN:
          case TO_PRINTER:
               printf("Logic error on line number %d!\n", __LINE__);

If the function named print_document() is passed an erroneous argument for the destination parameter
(something other than TO_FILE, TO_SCREEN, and TO_PRINTER), the default case in the switch statement traps
this logic error and prints the line number in which it occurred. This capability can be a tremendous help
when you are trying to debug your program and track down what could be a very bad logic error.

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