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What is a void pointer?

A void pointer is a C convention for a raw address. The compiler has no

idea what type of object a void Pointer really points to. If you write
 int *ip;
 ip points to an int. If you write
 void *p;
 p doesn’t point to a void!
 In C and C++, any time you need a void pointer, you can use another
 pointer type. For example, if you have a char*, you can pass it to a
 function that expects a void*. You don’t even need to cast it. In C (but
 not in C++), you can use a void* any time you need any kind of
 pointer, without casting. (In C++, you need to cast it).
 A void pointer is used for working with raw memory or for passing a
 pointer to an unspecified type.
 Some C code operates on raw memory. When C was first invented,
 character pointers (char *) were used for that. Then people started
 getting confused about when a character pointer was a string, when it
 was a character array, and when it was raw memory.

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