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What is the difference between "calloc(...)" and "malloc(...)"?

1. calloc(...) allocates a block of memory for an array of elements of a
 certain size. By default the block is initialized to 0. The total number of
 memory allocated will be (number_of_elements * size).
 malloc(...) takes in only a single argument which is the memory
 required in bytes. malloc(...) allocated bytes of memory and not blocks
 of memory like calloc(...).
 2. malloc(...) allocates memory blocks and returns a void pointer to the
 allocated space, or NULL if there is insufficient memory available.
 calloc(...) allocates an array in memory with elements initialized to 0
 and returns a pointer to the allocated space. calloc(...) calls malloc(...)
 in order to use the C++ _set_new_mode function to set the new
 handler mode.

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