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Describe Lambda Expressions in brief.

Ans. An anonymous function can be created in another way that is called Lambda Expressions. The lambda expression provides a powerful alternative to the anonymous method.

The Lambda Operator

All lambda expressions use the new lambda operator, which is denoted by the symbol =>. This operator divides a lambda expression into two parts. On the left the input parameter (or parameters) is specified. Right hand side is the body of the lambda. The => operator is sometimes pronounced as ''goes to'' or ''becomes.'' There are two types of lambda expression in C#. What type of lambda expression is created, it is determines by the lambda body. The two types are 

- Expression lambda
- Statement lambda

An expression lambda contains single expression. In this case, the body is not enclosed between braces. Statement lambda contains block of statements enclosed by braces. A statement lambda can contain multiple statements and include loops, method calls, and if statements.

using System;
namespace Test
delegate int Increment(int n);
// a delegate that takes an int argument 

class SimpleLambdaDemo
static void Main()
// Create an Increment delegate instance that refers to
// a lambda expression that increases its parameter by 3.
Increment incr = count => count + 3;
// Now, use the incr lambda expression.
Console.WriteLine("Use increment lambda expression: ");
int x = 10;
while (x <= 20)
Console.Write(x + " ");
x = incr(x); // increase x by 3


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