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Explain the cache memory in detail?

Cache memory is a small and fast memory between CPU and main memory. It is extremely fast
 compared to normal memory. Transferring data between main memory and CPU causes delay because
 RAM is slower than CPU. Cache memory stores copies of data from most frequently used main memory
 locations. When processor needs to read from or write to a location in main memory, it first checks
 whether a copy of data is in the cache. If so processor immediately reads or writes to cache. Computers
 use multilevels of cache such as Level1(smallest)and Level2 cache.CPU resident cache is known as L1
 or primary cache (16 to 32 KB) to 512 KB.Cache is also added to mother board also known as L2 cache
 (512 KB to 1024 KB). Higher end systems can have as much as 2 MB of L2 cache on mother board.

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