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Give the major features of windows 98?

The major features of windows 98 are:
 • Faster than Windows 95: The maintenance wizard of windows 98 checks the hard
 disk for problems and frees its space so that the programs run faster without any
 additional hardware.
 • Web Integration: The interactive content of the Internet is combined with the power
 of computer and improved web features are provided.
 • Improved Reliability: New utilities, wizards and resources are introduced which help
 the computer in running smoothly and efficiently. System file checker of Windows
 98 restores the critical files if they are changed. Scan disk runs automatically if the
 computer is not shut down properly.
 • Multiple Display: Several monitors can be used to run different programs on separate
 • Power management: The computer can be started in few seconds i.e. the start up
 • time is improved. The programs can be restored in their last saved positions.

• More Entertaining: New features like enhanced television, video playback and web
 TV for windows makes computer more entertaining.

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