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What is Domain Name System?

The Domain Name System (DNS) helps users to find their way around the Internet.
 Every computer on the Internet has a unique address, called the "IP address". But it is
 hard to remember everyone's IP address. The DNS makes it easier by allowing a
 familiar string of letters (the "domain name") to be used instead of the IP address. So
 instead of typing, you can type, which is easier to
 Domain names have the format: Eg. The third set of letters of an address are intended to indicate the
 type of organization hosting the computer.
 Domain name &Meaning
 COM -Commercial organizations
 GOV- Government institutions
 NET- Major Network support centers
 ORG -Organizations other than those above

Two letter codes - The final two letter codes indicate the country of origin.
 Eg:.'in' is used for India

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