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What is meant by booting? Explain the basic booting process?

:During this process the computer will perform a self-diagnostic, reporting any errors it
 may encounter. Much can be learned about the state of the computer by paying close
 attention to the series of messages passing across the display during startup.
 The basic booting process has the following sequence of operations:
 1. Power-On Self Test (POST)
 2. System Initialization, CMOS and BIOS Check
 After reading in the CMOS settings the boot sequence will continue with:
 PCI Initialization - If you have a PCI bus the system will now initialize the cards on the
 Configuration Display - The BIOS now tests and displays the system configuration,
 including the status of:
 Floppy drives
 Mouse and keyboard ports
 Serial ports
 Parallel ports
 Cache memory information: common sizes for cache memory are 64 KB, 128 KB, 256
 KB, or 512 KB.

3. Loading the Disk Operating System (DOS)
 4. Configuring the System with CONFIG.SYS
 5. Running Programs at Startup with AUTOEXEC.BAT
 6. Running Windows

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