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What is Search Engines?

Although the internet is highly rich with information, the information is not always
 organized in a way that a person expects. When "browsing", it is hard to get to the
 particular information one is looking for. To provide an alternative, there are some
 specialized sites that can perform the search for users, with more or less same
 accuracy. These sites are referred to as search engines. Some of the most popular of
 them are:
 Examples : Google, Yahoo, MSN, Netscape, Alta Vista Search

 Steps to do a search

  • To do a search, first access a search engine site. Eg.

  • Each one of them provides you with a convenient box in which you can type the word or sentence to search and press Enter. Eg. Types of roses

  • The results are displayed in a list.

  • You can then click each link and check it. If a link doesn't provide the type of information you are looking for, you can click Back (the shortcut to go back on most browsers is Alt + left arrow key) and click the next link in the list.
 If you still don't find what you are looking for, you can change the word or sentence that you
 typed and start searching again. You can also try another search engine site.
 Most of the search engine sites provide more services than searching the web. For
 example, both Yahoo and MSN provide free email services.

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