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What is the difference between multi-tasking and multi-programming?

Multiprogramming is a method of running several different programs in a computer
 apparently at the same time.
 Usually on a mainframe - the computer has a number of programs loaded into memory and
 the operating system switches quickly between them, processing a little bit of each one in
 turn. The high speed of the processor makes it seem like more than one program is being run
 at the same time.
 Multi-tasking: Two or more programs actually run at the same time. Windows 95 and OS/2
 support multitasking. Windows 3.1 supports "task switching" but not multi-tasking.
 Extended memory is divided up into "virtual machines" that share time on a single
 processor. With multi-tasking, a computer could be receiving communication via modem in
 the background while running Excel in the foreground.

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