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Explain Client/Server Networking Model?

A networking model where one or more powerful computers (servers) provide the different network services and all other user's computers (clients) access those services to perform user's tasks is known as client/server networking model. Client-server networking model became popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s as many applications were migrated from centralized minicomputers and mainframes to networks of persona computers. 

The design of applications for a distributed computing environment required that they effetely be divided into two parts: client (front end) and server (back end). The network model on which they were implemented mirrored this client-server model with a user's PC (the client) typically acting as the requesting machine and a more powerful server machine to which it was connected via either a LAN or a WAN acting as the supplying machine. It requires special networking operating system. It provides user level security and it is more expensive.

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