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Explain ISO's OSI Architecture?

The Open System Interconnection (OSI) is a standard reference model for communication between two end users in a network. It is used in developing products and understanding networks which means commonly used Internet product and services fit within the model. The OSI model describes seven layers of related functions that needed at each end, when a message is sent from one party to another party in a network. Each layer has its own set of special related function as follows:

Layer 6 – Presentation Layer: Standardize data presented to the application.
  Layer 5 – Session Layer: Manages sessions between applications
  Layer 4 – Transport Layer: Provides error detection and correction
  Layer 3 – Network Layer: Provides data delivery across the physical connection
  Layer 2 – Data Link Layer: Provides data delivery across the physical connection
 Layer 1 – Physical Layer: Defines the physical network media.

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