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Explain Star Topology and it's advantages and disadvantages?

The physical star topology uses a central controlling hub with dedicated legs pointing in all directions – like points of a star. Each network device has a dedicated point-to-point link to the central hub. This strategy prevents troublesome collisions and keeps the lines of communications open and free of traffic.

This topology, obviously, require a great deal of cabling. This design provides an excellent platform for reconfiguration and trouble-shooting. Changes to the network are as simple as plugging another segment into the hub and a break in the LAN is easy to isolate and doesn't affect the rest of the network.

The benefits of star topology are:

  a. Relatively easy to configure.
  b. Easy to troubleshoot
 c. Media faults are automatically isolated to the failed segment.

The disadvantages are considered as follows:

  a. Requires more cable than most topologies.
  b. Moderately difficult to install.

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