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Point out the advantages and disadvantages of Token Ring?

Here are Token ring's most useful advantages:

  a. It offers excellent throughput under high-load conditions.
  b. Token Ring facilitates LAN-to-LAN mainframe connections especially for interfacing with IBM's broader connectivity strategies.
  c. It has built-in troubleshooting mechanisms such as beaconing and auto-reconfiguration and may now be used with UTP cabling.

d. It has the most reliable protocol (token-passing), the most trouble-free configuration (physical star) and the fastest connectivity scheme (r or 16 mb/s).

Few of the disadvantages of Token Ring are:

  a. Token Ring is very expensive. All topology components cost much more than other more popular standards.
  b. It is relatively proprietary. Token Ring's complexity is built into the hardware components. This means hat you need to choose a manufacturer and stick with it.
  c. Engineers must have considerable expertise to manage and troubleshoot token ring components.

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