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What is ARCNet?List the advantages and disadvantages of ARCNet?

The Attached Resource Computer Network (ARCNet) standard was created in 1977 at the Data Point Corporation by a scientist – John Murphy. ARCNet uses the token-passing protocol over a star and bus topology. The star and bus topology combines the flexibility of a star with the simplicity and throughput of a bus. Thus, ARCNet standard has a unique protocol/topology combination: token-passing protocol and Distributed star/bus topology.

Here are some of the ARCNet's advantages:

  1. It is extremely reliable.
  2. ARCNet is easy to install and troubleshoot.
  3. It has an excellent track record of interoperability for those using ARCNet components from various manufacturers.
  4. ARCNet supports a variety of cable types including coaxial, UTP and Fiber Optics.
  5. It is inexpensive and built to stay that way.

Here are some disadvantages of ARCNet:

  1. Standard ARCNet is very slow (2.5 Mb/s). It is almost seven times slower than Token Ring.
  2. ARCNet was not designed with interconnectivity in mind. For many installations, it's difficult to go beyond the confines of single LAN.

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