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The following questions raise immediately after opening Upwork(oDesk) account:

What are the average rate on Upwork(oDesk)?

What rate to use in profile?

What is the best rate for beginners?

When to raise/diminish rate?

What cost/rate to use when applying for a job?

The notes below applied for programmers

What are the average rate on Upwork(oDesk)?

The average Upwork(oDesk) rate is from $3 - $50/hr. See all freelance rates grouped by specialities

Specialists use $20/hr. Most IT specialists who are just graduated and does not have much experience as rule use $5/hr.

For example, acoording www.freelancehourlyrates.com site:

PHP rates from $4/hr in Pakistan to $200/hr in Ukraine

MySQL rates from $4.44/hr in Bangladesh to $265/hr 29 years in United States

Rate in profile?

You make use your current salary + 30-50%.

You always can negotiate the rate when applying for a job.

Than smaller project cost is then as a rule a customer is less adequate. Such customers want to make huge amount of work for 5 cents.

Large project budgets as a rule have wise customers.

Large rate in your profile attract customers attention, no doubts.

What is the best rate for beginners?

You can begin from $7-15 to earn first rating and feedback.

If you put the rate less $7/hr, then you may lost among less qualified specialists.

What rate to use for applying for a job?

In some cases make sense to suggest a lower cost to show your loyalty to a customer and explain why: as for example, you may not fully correspond the job requirements.