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1. Cover letter example for .NET Expert Team Required

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Other - Software Development

My name is Philip

The requirements you provided are exactly what I am using all days every day, I would even add some last technology available in the most recent releases of VS to build cross-platform applications.

Right now, I am working in a small team and my duties include design/architecture/business analyses and coding of most critical app algorithms. 

I like programming and feel that there is nothing I can do. It is pleasure for me to use all my knowledge and learn more in programming field. 

I have experience from developing small web sites to big enterprise ERP solutions.

My favorite language is C#, but I also use VB.Net and C++ for critical algorithms.

I worked with almost all DBMS from MySQL to Oracle, from single server DB to cloud and distributed customized shards.

If this is project real requires so many skills, let me join it and lead it to success.

My regular rate is $32/h and I will be available in a month. If you think that the rate is too high, let me know and to discuss it -  I am sure that I can explain why or find a compromise.

Looking forward to hear from you, sir.

Have a nice day!

2. Cover letter example for Create Access database, deploy on Sharepoint

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Other - Software Development
Hi, my name is Gine

In general this process goes always smoothly. I did it several times for different companies. Here are steps and questions:
- create DB in new MS Access. What is the old version and what is the new MS Access version, which you are using? 
- importing step must be simple if the previous export process was done automatically from Access to Excel;
- create Office 365 account if you do not have it
- check web compatibility (with Sharepoint). Usually possible issues related to improper field names. Can be easy fixed;
- publish DB on web;
- check it. If DB has many things then it is better to check them together

It is all.

This job can be done during a week if there are no unexpected issues with data and compatibility. 

We can discuss my rate or fixed cost. The rate can be $15/hr and I am flexibale on it. Fixed rough cost is approximately $300.

Let me know if you have questions. I would glad to work with you on this task.

Thank you for opportunity and looking forward to hear from you, sir

Sincere, Vadim

3. Cover letter example for Java supporting

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Other - Software Development

I'm a Java expert. 

It's the language I fancy and work with the most among all the languages I write. 

I will be happy to work with you to get your assignments done. 

I'm not just a programmer, I'm an excellent teacher as well. 

You can be sure of not only getting your assignments completed, but also learning a great deal along the way. 

I'm friendly and easy going. 

You can feel free to ask any questions and be sure to get helpful answers. 

Yes, Skype and Teamview work very well for me. 

You choose a convenient time and I'll be there to tutor and mentor. 

If you have assignments you're working on, you can send it ahead of the tutoring; it's important I do some work on it before we proceed to learning. 

A friendly programmer and teacher here to help out. 

You have a lot to gain by accepting my offer. 

Let me know if you have any questions for me. 

If not, I'm ready to begin. 

When do we start?

Kind regards.

4. Cover letter example for Need great landing page

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Other - Software Development

I have created a number of landing pages for clients, using Instapage, Unbounce, LeadPages and a few other landing page builders. 

I concentrate on creating catchy headlines, clear and effective calls to action, simple communication, benefits, and so on. 

I have worked with Instapage countless times and understand exactly what works. 

Depending on what you want, we can easily create using their templates and features or I can tweak the HTML code to give us something customized. 

I'll not only design your landing page, I'll help incorporate your email and marketing tools and also help deploy.

Creating 2 or 3 slightly different types for split testing works magic most times. 

I'll be happy to share some links to some of my works. 

Hire me and I can promise you the best landing page you can think of (not just the best in terms of design alone, but also the best in terms of producing the desired results). 

Awaiting your message,

Thank you

5. Cover letter example for Redesign wordpress page

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Other - Software Development

I'm very fun to work with. 

I'm a UI designer. I know Jquery, Java, Javascript, WordPress, CSS, etc. 

I bear users in mind when I build my web pages. I always want to give them something really interesting to look at and to use so they always keep coming back.

I can take your webpage and give it an amazing look, suitable for the audience you have in mind. 

One aspect where I'm better than most others is styling. 

Even when I work with WordPress, I take my time to style the theme so it comes alive and expresses the essence of the website. 

I'd really love to work with you. I can show you a few of my amazing works for clients in different industries. 

You could even choose from any of my designs and have me mimic something similar for yours or you could simply discuss your concepts with me and I'll go ahead and design something mind blowing.

I love sprucing up web pages, so hire me and share your ideas with me and you'll be amazed what your web pages will look like by the time I'm done. 

100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

6. Cover letter example for Senior VB.NET Developer

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Other - Software Development
Hello sir/madam

Let me introduce my-self on this position. 

The list of knowledge you listed in the offer means that candidate must work with different applications and be patient to extend and fix existing software. 

The wide experience from manufacturing to programming means that you need universal person who can deal with different type of issues and situations.

I am sure that I am the best one, because I have an experience working in a small company where we had lack of employees and each must do different jobs approximately the same type as you described. 

I got perfect skills how to communicate with clients getting exact steps to reproduce the problem, do coding and testing, making business analyses and design app architecture.
Working in rush I can smoothly organize my work and deliver successful results within timelines.

I do not have desire to work in a single long-term project, I know that I do the best with different type of projects even if they go simultaneously.

Everybody who worked with me can tell you that I am very well organized, professional developer and patient communicator. 

I know all technologies you listed and even more. Everything which will be new for me I can easily learn without tracking this as paid time.

You can try me in during trial week to prove my works.

I am open to answer any questions and would glad this cooperation.

My rate is pretty good for such type of work: $12/hr. Of course, it can be negotiated, because I need more details about this job and can decrease it.

Have a nice day sir,
Sincere, Milan

7. Cover letter example for Supporting HTML/JS web site

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Other - Software Development

I did responsive HTML for Windows, MAC under FF, Safari, Chrome and IE.

I can create web site from PSD and IA files. I know how to cut and optimize images.

I knew tricks, which allow using HTM5 controls/styles instead of images which helps SEO very much.

Last my projects were supporting PHP, Node.js and aspx projects  all work was done in time and with high quality.

Usually I use jQuery free libraries for showing and manipulate popups.

Here links on pages, which I did, these are testing web page, so maybe not available during the development process:,

If you hire me, than I definitely agree to complete it for $10 even if it will cost much more. I am new on oDesk, but by demand, I can provide references from my previous clients.

If you provides me more details, maybe I can evaluate the work and do it for free, just for getting good feedback.

Thank your sir!!!

8. Cover letter example for Synchronize two copy of web sites

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • Other - Software Development
I am a talented graduate developer with a strong academic background and some commercial experience. 

I have the ability to think through a problem coupled with the confidence to make ideas heard and known. 

I can help you develop, maintain and enhance your company's software with the aim of improving operational functionality in line with business requirement.

I have experience of working through all stages of a development process with great exposure to PHP development. 

I believe I can help you develop your software because I possess a strong understanding of professional software development practice. 

I am able to communicate complex issues to a large range of stakeholders at all levels. 

With my solid academic understanding of software development principles, I am well able to meet agreed project and your satisfaction targets. 

I have experience of working on large scale websites and micro sites. 

Please feel free to contact me now, I am always here to listen.