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Example of Cover Letter Answer for Synchronize two copy of web sites

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I am a talented graduate developer with a strong academic background and some commercial experience. 

I have the ability to think through a problem coupled with the confidence to make ideas heard and known. 

I can help you develop, maintain and enhance your company's software with the aim of improving operational functionality in line with business requirement.

I have experience of working through all stages of a development process with great exposure to PHP development. 

I believe I can help you develop your software because I possess a strong understanding of professional software development practice. 

I am able to communicate complex issues to a large range of stakeholders at all levels. 

With my solid academic understanding of software development principles, I am well able to meet agreed project and your satisfaction targets. 

I have experience of working on large scale websites and micro sites. 

Please feel free to contact me now, I am always here to listen.


Job description

need an app to synchronize particular data of two existing web sites in real time. It requires some analyses and communications with existing team and product manager.

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