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Job description

Looking for a project manager with technical writing skills for mobile app development company.

Project manager will need to spend between 8-16 hours a week project managing and between 10-20 hours a week documenting current platform product documentation.

Previous experience as System Admin, DBA and/or Technical Architect Preferred.

North and South America only due to time zones. 

Example of Cover Letter Answer for Project Manager with Technical Writing Skills for Software Development

Nice to meet you sir

I am Maria Garcia from Mexico (UTC - 7).

I have been working 2 years as senior software developer and database developer. Last year I managed web portal for chain of Mexico restaurants. So I know from scratch how to start, develop, manage and lunch any project.

Last 6 months I have adopted agile and MFS methodology documents for the current company. I know how to organize working process, to detailed project functions and manage development team.

I use FogBugz, Trello and Google docs for bug tracking, project management and ideas sharing tools.

I have a great experience in ErWin - database modeling tool and by demand I can provide screens of my DB schemas.

If you were going to hire me, I would start from clarifying my duties and project details. Base on my experience I can share ideas how to make work on this project efficiently.

Even if I do not have yet feedback on oDesk I can prove my quality work just working first trial week for 25$/hr. After trial period I would like to get 35$/hr.

Best regards, Maria!



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Martin July 27, 2015
thanks, great job. I did not see anywhere these example before.