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Example of Cover Letter Answer for Technical Director / Web Developer for Internet Marketing Firm

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My name is David (UTC+3)

I am looking for long-term projects, please see my CV below. My rate is $50/hr, but I can do even more than regular PM including prototyping, design DB models, design program architecture, develop critical algorithms, setup QA and development processes, hire peoples, couch PM and developers staff.

Let me know please if you have any questions. Right now I am looking for new opportunities.

Experienced Project Manager:
- 12+ years project management (including: Custom Software Development,  Database Design (RDBMS, BigTable), Project Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Implementations, System Migrations, Requirements Definition & Analysis, Project Scheduling, Team Building & Mentoring, Project Budgeting & Cost Controls, Testing/QA/Rollout/Support);
- Qualified expert in PMBOK, MSF, Agile and waterfall methodologies. The best practice were placed into our own methodology developed over last 10 years;
- 18+ years in IT (strong additional knowledge which helps me to be on the same side with a project team: designing UI, testing, prototyping and writing manuals, networking and hardware).

Excellent communicator:
- Built and manage development teams in Canada, China and India (project managers, developers, designers, QA, tech writers and network adminstrators);
- Strong leadership skills include ability to lead and motivate co-workers (during financial crises people continue working because of trust built);
- Confident decision-making (every project requires to fulfill gaps between clients' desire and developers undestanding);

Creative problem-solving and solution-oriented work style:
- Implemented 3 shifts or working around the clock working schedule for most critical clients/projects: CBS, TVOne, Discovery;
- Implemented issues escalation process solved 95% of all problems internally;
- Developed Standard Operation Procedures  to regulate processes and relationships across all offices;
- Designed and expand management, development and QA processes;

Reliable and responsible self-organized:
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team;
- My past experience helps to organize work efficient and smoothly. I am not afraid of emergencies and overtimes;
- 10 years in one company (many interesting things were did from scratch, I'm very proud of our achievements);

Best wishes!

Job description

We are seek a candidate that can be responsible for all web-based technology at our small company.  This is a half-time position requiring on average, 20 hours per week.   We pay a fixed monthly salary.

The job is to manage all web technology aspects for our online marketing business.  All of our technology work is now done by independent contractors so a large part of this position is getting the contractors to produce quality results on time. 

Do you know that?

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