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1. Cover letter example for Automation testing (read...)

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • QA & Testing


I am extremely experienced senior automation tests developer.

I really enjoy automating process and great help, which it gives, allowing our company weekly deploy stable releases.

I am not o ...

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2. Cover letter example for QA expert to work directly with developers (read...)

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • QA & Testing


My name is Mary. Please see how I can help you:
- I am very friendly and have great communication skills (I worked along, with developers, with UX engineers, within QA teams). I know how to est ...

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3. Cover letter example for QA/Tester - jMeter expert (read...)

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • QA & Testing


I am an expert in Jmeter, but unfortunately cannot understand how it is possible to estimate work without knowing application functionality.

But if to generalize, then the loading testing process ...

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4. Cover letter example for Test mobile app for Android and iOS (read...)

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • QA & Testing


I have been a member of a team performing testing procedures on software applications and ensuring that all errors are identified and corrected before release to clients. 

I possess an excellen ...

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5. Cover letter example for Tester with Raspberry Pi 1 or 2 (read...)

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • QA & Testing

Hello team

I am Robert from Spain (utc+1).

I did testing different programs, which works with such devices like: security and fire alert system, monitoring stations, SMS and e-mail stations, video m ...

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6. Cover letter example for Testing Apple Watch (read...)

Web, Mobile & Software Dev • QA & Testing

Hello sir,

I am so excited to get this job, because 2 months ago I did testing of custom app: Alarm and Timer.

I found that traditional standard methods of testing do not work well, because of speci ...

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