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Example of Cover Letter Answer for Automation testing

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I am extremely experienced senior automation tests developer.

I really enjoy automating process and great help, which it gives, allowing our company weekly deploy stable releases.

I am not only writing scripts. Also, I like teach other QAs and even developers how to write impeccable code and do unit testing. I am glad if can share my expertise or be valuable for project.

My experience includes:
- Testing automated frameworks (Selenium, CodedUI, Splinter)
- Scripting & testing utilities (PhantomJS, CasperJS, Capybara, VS)
- Methods (Data Driven, Dynamic, Smoke, Loading, Unit, Regression)

I guarantee
- quick work around
- full and detailed reports
- scripts and complete documentation/comments for automated running
- free consultations and supporting
- work tightly with development team 

My current rate is $12/hr and I can work 20hr per week first month. 

Grey Afruide

Job description

Hi, looking for someone familiar with automation testing to help our company launch set of desktop utils for networking.

Do you know that?

almost 14% freelance on a part-time basis while holding a day job, Next

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