Cover Letter Example for PHP script from CodeIgniter to CakePHP

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Example of Cover Letter Answer for PHP script from CodeIgniter to CakePHP

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Hi, my name is Maria (GMT+5)

I know both Codeigniter and CakePHP, also I worked with Yii and Laravel.

I have great PHP+MySQL experience, so I can do almost everything. 

But for me is more important friendly relationship within a team rather than super project. I am a perfect team player and successfully participated in 2 startups.

1 year ago my boss decided to rewrite CakePHP e-commerce project on Codeigniter, because he wanted to hire many new developers and considered Codeigniter as more simple and less restricted framework. Finally this work was done successfully and I got huge understanding about all aspects, risks and hindrances in such migration.

Anyway, if you decide to hire me, which I wish very much, my rate is $10/hr. Not sure if it should be negotiated, because it rather low.

I am reliable, do everything accurate and in time.

Let me know about some tech details before committing timelines.

Have a nice day guys!

Job description

I have a script that I would like to tweak. However, my classmates and I have decided to work in our preferred Framework - CakePHP. As such we would like a coder who can:

1) Rewrite the script that is submitted to you from Codeigniter to CakePHP

Do you know that?

16% freelancers are 10+ years as a freeleancer Next

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