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Example of Cover Letter Answer for Write VBA macros for sending personalized email with attachment

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I am a VBA developer since 2012 with experience in writing macros for MS Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word. 

Also, I develop application on C# and VB.Net, which will be useful for this task.

Do you need: 1) a macros, which generates e-mails and saves them into local folder as files OR 2) a macros, which generates and sends e-mails?

If you choose #2 then you need provide SMTP setting for sending e-mails. If you are going to use google, yahoo or Microsoft email servers then you need to know that they have restrictions for sending batch of e-mails. I would recommend you buying a simple web hosting and use its SMTP for sending - I can assist.

Please notice that depending on e-mail subject, body and attachment your e-mails can go into spam folder. I can assist to validate and adjust their content. I know many white tricks how deliver e-mail to recipients avoiding spam filters such as: include text version, use return-path, use oh behalf, sending to different addresses in one batch, exclude spam words, incorporate images, generate HTML content properly displayed in most popular e-mail clients and so on. 

I can perfectly complete this task. Do not warry if you are not too technical, I can call you and clarify all things.

After completing this project with me you will fill more confident doing further similar projects with other freelancers.

Job description

Need to create VBA macros for sending personalized emails using data from Excel and Access. Generate PDF files based on user preferences and attach them to e-mails

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