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Example of Cover Letter Answer for Graphic Design For Web Site and Newsletters

See a job description below the cover letter

Hi, my name is Alice from France.

I applied on this offer because feel exited to do this job. This is my specialty design marketing landing pages and eNewsletters.

A week ago I successfully completed the same project where I have designed (not HTML coded) 20 eNewletters to promote clothing. The campaign was run very successfully, because client mentioned that 15% of recipients visited his site and did purchases. I cannot share these newletters because of NDA.

Please see attached an example how landing page may look like for your web site. Do you want me to finalize it?  

I agree with your payment policy and would glad to work with you sir!

Thank you

Job description

Need to make a design for web site on a regular basis. 

We would like as test to design a landing page for our current web site. 

We typically need 5 landing pages designed weekly with newsletters. 

Looking for a creative look

Do you know that?

20M+ messages are sent through the Elance workroom each year Next

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